I never thought I would fall in love again

i love u to the sun and back. jauh sikit..hehe

i love u to the sun and back. jauh sikit..hehe

This man. The guy that I married for almost 2 years now (11/11/12 is our nikah day), surprised me in many ways. His patience for example.

Women are hard to understand, he told me once. So I called my mum and told her ’bout it and guess what my mum said? ‘ You’re the only woman that people hard to understand’. Am I? Some one lease tell me.

I’m a stay at home mother. I should have so plenty time to fills with activities but I barely cook for my dear husband. Even orang cakap air tangan isteri pengikat kasih sayang (feel free to puke if u not jiwang person like me). I’m not a kitchen person, I mean I don’t like to cook. I only cooked what I want. Only to fill my tummy, only my favourite. Always give excuses like ‘ malas lah nak masak hari ni’. Tau suami cakap apa? ‘OK, nak makan apa?’ He’ll buy it. Get what I mean? In a week almost 4 times we eat outside. I a housewife but still, sigh..

All he say is ‘ It’s ok, orang tau awak penat jaga Safiyyah’.

Dear my dear hubby, thank you. I easily get mad when I’m tired but still put myself into tired some more by doing more house chores even you say it’s ok to leave it.I’m sorry my mood always swing but still you always be such a dear to me. Thank you thank you. And guess what sayang, I start falling for you. Again.


P/S: jom g Krabi lg..hehe :p

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