want things so bad

Quick update. I’m dying to buy these 2 things which I find out one of it is not in stock. even it have, its at Japan! I was like wanna cry-guling-guling right now wish it will be here tomorrow ( esok nak g ikea). of course lah frust kan kalau tak ada sebab I am living in Johor and go all the way to Damansara to buy it. -alasan. boleh je pegi Singapore~~

Lerberg shelf unit

LERBERG Shelf unit IKEA Shelves of various depths mean you have space for everything from trinkets to books.

pic credit to Ikea


Another that I want is like below. ni aku dah ari dah kat MR Diy Pletong tp kecik je..Google2 ada MR Diy kt Tesco Tebrau. but Mr Macho said, balik dari KL lah ye kita g cari..huhu. so tgh menyabarkan diri..

pic credit http://vanillapink3113.blogspot.com/

p.s : tolong doakan ada stok ye? 😉



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  1. lokman4844
    lokman4844 April 28, 2014 at 8:23 am |

    dah xde dah stock tu. hahaa


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