A Reason To Write

I am on-off person in writing as I have no idea what to write but my very supportive hubby keep telling me to just write anything and the idea will come to you. Well, I still try to find a reason to write and I found mine. My dear daughter, Aqilah Safiyyah.


This little girl changed me. I mean a lot. I’m not a kids lover, don’t mind babies. Huhu.. But this little sweetheart, she easily put tears in my eyes. By saying her name, by looking at her sleeping. Subhanallah, I’m so deeply in love. I never knew I can cry over small thing such by let her sit in her car seat. She was next to me but still I felt so distance. Yeah, my hubby don’t believe me crying at the back seat that time.

To my dear daughter, ( holding my tears),

you’re the best gift I ever had. Your smile, your smell, fills me with joys. I love you.




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