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A daughter, a wife, a mother of a daughter, a housewife.

Messy Eater No More!

Hello, I'm messy eater. I love to give my mum heart attack with these mess :)

Safiyyah makin bijak. Dah nak makan sendiri. Nak pegang sudu sendiri. Nak suap sendiri. Yes, sabar kena tebal bila nak bagi makan. Hahaha..for me lah. Sebab aku tak suka tengok comot-comot. Tak gemar tengok sepah-sepah. Tapi time dengan apak dia, memang ayah dia bagi je suap sendiri. Masa tu, aku kena bawa diri masuk bilik. … more

Breastfeeding. Susah ke?

well yes, I face these everyday.haha..asalkan awak bahagia Safiyyah :)

Alhamdulillah syukur sangat-sangat safiyyah dh besar. kejap je. Last time tulis blog, untuk birthday safiyyah yg pertama. Sekarang safiyyah dah pandai jalan, gigi dah banyak, akal pun dah banyak. nak makan sendiri, nak ajak jalan, nak conteng kertas. Alhamdulillah. Safiyyah agak lewat jalan..merangkak pun umur 11 bulan. Tapi xde lah nk pressure dia, sebab bagi … more



  when things doesn’t go well as u plan, when people doesn’t understand ur needs, when others were different from u, its kinda frustrated. u cant talk to others to share ur problems, ur concerns. even if u do, they don’t see the dilemma u faced. whether they were to ego to face the reality or … more

She’s 1!

Dah setahun ni, nak makan apa ye?

Alhamdulillah, pejam celik Aqilah Safiyyah dah genap setahun (27 Ramadhan). Alhamdulillah jugak eczema dh kurang, dah makin cerdik, dah banyak akal nya. Sayang ibu, there’s a lot of things I want to tell you but i can’t find the right words to say to you. Cume ibu boleh cakap ibu bersyukur sangat dan ibu harap awak … more

want things so bad

Quick update. I’m dying to buy these 2 things which I find out one of it is not in stock. even it have, its at Japan! I was like wanna cry-guling-guling right now wish it will be here tomorrow ( esok nak g ikea). of course lah frust kan kalau tak ada sebab I am … more

A Tough Day

eh, apa sudah jadi bu?

yes its a tough day. Safiyyah being cranky these couple days. I dont blame her. She caught cold. Its OK my mum said. She’s healthy. kang sihat je pelik pula kan? Semalam masa tengah minum petang, dia tuang plastik biskut. Bersepah serdak2 tu. Alaa, budak2 tengah nak explore. Biar lah. But today, she got so … more

A Reason To Write

A Reason To Write

I am on-off person in writing as I have no idea what to write but my very supportive hubby keep telling me to just write anything and the idea will come to you. Well, I still try to find a reason to write and I found mine. My dear daughter, Aqilah Safiyyah. This little girl … more